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Why Supplement My Diet?

to make up for the required nutrients my body needs but will not get from eating foods only

to aid in supplying the nutrients needed to protect my body from diseases

Because of the way our foods are handled - grown and reared with insecticides, and pesticides etc. sprayed on fruits and vegetables, and antibiotics and hormones injected in animals - they are not as pure and natural and have lost a lot of their nutrients. Therefore, in order for us to get enough of the essential nutrients needed for our growth and development, we need to supplement our diets on a daily basis, with Natural Vitamins and Mineral Supplements.

Even if we eat the best foods possible, we do not obtain enough vitamins and minerals for sustainable health from today's refined and chemically fertilized foods. We need supplements. Supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals from natural sources. Get plenty of bone building calcium from supplements such as Bone Meal. Bone Meal is an important food. It is whole bone ground up so we do not have to chew it. Lack of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals is one of our most serious diet deficiencies, resulting in tooth decay and lots of other ailments. We need minerals that are easily assimilated, and Bone Meal provides them in completely natural forms.

Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamins and minerals help to protect the body from disease, and those who do not consume enough micro-nutrients on a daily basis may develop vitamin deficiency which will make them more susceptible to diseases. Supplements will do just that - they will 'supplement' your diet by providing the nutrients that your body need on a daily basis, but do not consume from eating only foods. There are a multitude of different brands of supplements on the market today, and making the right choice is difficult. When choosing supplements you may want to bear in mind your body type, the amount of nutrients you need on a daily basis, and the amount of micro-nutrients you are already getting from your daily diet. You may also want to choose vitamins and minerals that are easily assimilated. Gel Supplements are easily assimilated. They easily dissolve in the watery fluids of the body and the excess is flushed out.

Another important factor to consider when choosing supplements is the side effects and health hazards they may actually cause. You need to check with your doctor before beginning a vitamin and mineral supplement regimen. It is extremely important if you are under a doctor's care or have any medical issues. It is also possible to develop some form of illness and not be aware of it. So even if you feel you are healthy, go ahead anyway and check with your doctor. This is vital and can only help.

Caution When Taking Supplements

Supplements should not be taken instead of food. Most of the nutrients our bodies need should be achieved by eating healthy meals. Large doses of certain vitamins and minerals can cause nausea, vomiting, nerve damage, weight loss, muscle weakness, and other illnesses. Use supplements only to 'supplement' the foods you eat. Planning and preparing healthy, nutritious meals is usually less costly than purchasing a quality supplement and it is healthier too. The USDA Food Pyramid is a great way to assess or customize your daily food group intake. Use it to your advantage.

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