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Ten (10) things to do to ensure you exercise regularly

1) Choose a method of exercise based on what you enjoy doing.

If you like to dance for example, you can make an array of aerobics such as the zumba dance fitness exercises, be your morning energizing exercise routine. Choosing a pattern of exercises based on things you like to do, will increase the chances of you sticking to your routine and doing them regularly. Most importantly, if you try one type of exercise and you do not like it, do not give up on all exercises as there are many types of exercises you can choose from.

2) Select a time that you know will always be convenient for you – everyday.

First thing in the morning exercises works for me! They are usually easier to stick with, and as such have a higher success rate. If a morning workout gets your pulse hopping and your energy popping – great; but if the very thought of a morning workout makes you groan and hide under the covers, schedule it later. However, try not to put it off until you have finished everything else you have to do. If exercise is the last on your list, chances are you may never get to it – especially not regularly. The key is to engage in your exercise routine at the same time everyday.

3) Designate a comfortable yet energizing place to do your exercises.

Comfort and association are things that sticks in our minds. When we reflect on different places we tend to develop different vibes and feelings. If you create a place that is comfortable with a style that says exercise you will be able to get in the exercise mindset once you enters or even think about that area. Of course, you do not want a daybed or even a couch in that area, you want other comfort such as mats, mirrors and any other decorative that has an exercise feel to it.

4) Add music you love to your exercise routine to help give you pep in your step.

Music is food to the soul! Adding music that you love to your routine will help to create a pleasant experience to look forward to each time. It will invigorate you and keep you interested. Different music creates different moods and vibes. If your workout is fast paced you may want to add some disco, cha cha, meringue. If it is slow paced, like some sit-ups or treadmill, you can add any music of your choice – fast or slow. Music adds extra ambiance and feeling of well-being to any exercise routine and will make you think more positively about exercises.

5) Make a list of the way you feel physically and emotionally after a workout and keep it on display.

This is a great way to keep yourself psyched up about the benefits you are getting from sticking with your exercises. You may try to keep it close to your bed (if you are a morning person) so that when you open your eyes it will be right there as a motivator. It is simple, but it works. Your mind will not be able to clock out the many positive thoughts about your exercises that will start roaming in your psyche.

6) Set some short term goals and chart your progress.

Small, interim goals are easier to achieve than one single ultimate goal. It allows you to get to it sooner and thus, keep the momentum and interest in tact. You can try to keep a log of your vital stats – weight, pulse, blood pressure. For your weight loss, you may want to take before and after photos for your diary. Charting your progress is crucial because the feedback is encouraging, and you can proudly show your results to others who are rooting for you.

7) Reward yourself with something tangible each time you reach a set goal.

Reward, as the name suggests, means something given or received in recompense for worthy behavior or in retribution. When you reward yourself, you are telling yourself that you are getting what you are, because you have earned it. Making the rewards tangible will allow you to see each as the mark for that goal that was accomplished. It is very motivating to be able to associate something with a particular moment of success in our lives. Being able to see it will give you the courage to say “I can do this” and continue. It will make you want to go on, so as to get the next reward.

8) Get at least one family member involved in your exercise plan.

Exercising can be more fun when the whole family is involved; it creates a spirit of expectation and competition which are valuable tools to keep one interested in wanting to do more. Also, it gives the entire family a worthwhile event to look forward to. It creates an atmosphere where each can encourage the other – especially if one has the tendency to slack off. If getting the whole family involved prove to be a challenge, try to enlist at least one family member to nudge you in the event you need nudging.

9) Get ample amount of sleep every night.

This will enable you to be alert and ready to carry out your daily activities. Sleep affects every area of your life; when you get enough sleep your whole being is renewed and you are more perceptive and vibrant. The probability that you will follow through with your daily activities – including your workout, increases greatly when you get enough sleep. Everyone has a sleep number, discover what yours is and make sure to get that amount in everyday.

10) Formulate a schedule and implement it everyday.

Having a schedule to follow, and following through as planned, will help to create balance in your life. After executing your schedule a few times, it becomes second nature and thus the norm for you to do. A schedule is very helpful to have because it delegates a time for everything that needs to be done, to get done. Therefore, formulating a schedule and implementing it everyday will let you get your exercises done regularly.

Happy exercising! Remember to always do your ‘warm-up’ before immersing into full exercise mode.

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