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Benefits of Practicing Good Hygiene

helps keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses at bay

preserves the external which in turn protects the internal

makes you nice to be near, thus attracting positive energy

helps you feel good about yourself which improves your well-being

Practicing good hygiene is important because it prevents the spreading of germs and gives a person a healthy and clean appearance. The following are tips on practicing good hygiene:

thoroughly wash hands after any contact with germs, before you eat, when you get home from the streets, and especially after using the lavatory.

always take hand sanitizers - with a high alcohol concentration such as Purell - with you when you are leaving home as antibacterial soap and water may not be available or accessible when you need it. Use it.

brush teeth at least three (3) times per day after each main meal, especially before going to bed. Floss teeth at least once daily just before going to sleep.

take bath or shower at least once daily paying special attention to the hard to reach areas.

Washing of hands after coming into contact with germs - which can be found almost everywhere - is imperative. It is very hard to avoid germs especially when you are outside your home. The constant holding of door knobs by a lot of people is a sure way of collecting germs, and it is almost impossible to travel outside your home and not open any doors.

Unlike the germs outside your home, you can manage and control how much germs gets in and stays in your home. When you are preparing uncooked meat or have gone to the bathroom, or done anything that brings your body into contact with germs, it is important to wash your hands. E. coli, hepatitis and other infectious diseases can be transmitted if you bring contaminated hands into contact with someones face or body. It is recommended that you use an antibacterial soap when washing hands to ensure that you kill all, or most germs that could be present on your hands.

When travelling, you should also be prepared to cleanse your hands when antibacterial soap and running water is not available. You may do so by taking a high alcohol concentrated hand sanitizer with you. They are available on the market in bottles of various sizes.

Thorough body cleansing is a necessity; when practiced, our whole being will benefit. Brushing your teeth as recommended by your dental professional results in a good, healthy personal appearance and oral health. If you do not brush your teeth as recommended, you could face an array of dental problems including: tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath and so on. The bacteria that form in your mouth between brushing or overnight cause these dental problems. It is advisable to brush your teeth and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash at least two (2) to three (3) times daily to fight off these bacteria. Flossing also helps maintain strong, healthy gums. Unhealthy gum is the main source of bad breath. It can cause your teeth to loosen, which makes it difficult to chew and to eat properly. Unhealthy mouth is hazardous to your health as the bacteria gets into your blood stream and cause damage to your internals. To maintain a healthy mouth and smile, visit your dentist at least every six months for cleanings and checkups.

Taking a bath or shower at least once daily is an essential part of the overall hygiene process. This keeps harmful bacteria in check. On the other hand, not taking daily regular baths or showers can lead to an over accumulation of bacteria that can cause odor and certain types of infection in both women and men. Also, the body is constantly shedding its skin and regular cleansing will prevent the pores from clogging. Antibacterial soaps are great at going against bacteria, but some may cause an allergic reaction. If you are not sure which soap is best for you, do check with your physician.

The hair needs to be washed at least once weekly. If you do not, you could develop dandruff problems, attract lice, and also gets an odor. You may want to avoid that, as ridding yourself of lice can be a difficult task. Using shampoos that are made to get rid of dandruff will definitely get rid of the dandruff and any shampoo will get rid of the odor. Moisturizing shampoos will improve the quality and overall health of your hair. If you have any problem with dry or sensitive scalp, consult with a dermatologist about the possibility of getting a prescription shampoo.

Keep finger and toe nails trimmed and in good shape. This will prevent problems such as hang nails and infected nail beds. Short nails will prevent any accumulation of impurities under nail, and feet that are clean and dry are less likely to contract athlete's foot.

Do not use anything that has come into contact with another person's body fluids. This is a very important step in practicing good hygiene. Do not use or touch syringes or any other type of medical or personal item that has come into contact with another person's fluids. Using someones personal items could put you in danger of contracting very serious illnesses.

For many people, good hygiene is so much a part of their daily routines that they think little about it. They bathe, brush their teeth, visit the dentist and doctor for regular checkups, and wash their hands when preparing or eating food and handling unsanitary items. For many people this is not the case. To keep those you care about healthy and safe, help them learn, and be sure that they are practicing good personal hygiene.

The benefits of practicing good hygiene are many but the consequences of not practicing good hygiene are also many. Make a conscious decision to reap the benefits of practicing good hygiene. It is the basis for the quantity and quality of life you live.

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