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Important Decision You Must Make

There is one surety in life and that is death must follow. No one knows when their time will come and because of this unpredictability, we should all make preparation before the inevitable happens. No one likes to talk or even think about death, and for this reason many people do not make a will; designate a power of attorney; record what their possessions are and where they are kept; or even document what their last wish is - until they become ill. The problem with this is that there is no guarantee that you will not be incapacitated by the illness or even die suddenly. Therefore, you need to make the security decision to secure yourself and your loved ones by putting everything concerning your medical, assets, last wishes, and anything else deemed important to you and your family in order so they can be easily accessed, should the need arise.

Many people are not privy to some basic, but vital information about themselves or their loved ones. When asked this simple question, ‘Do you know your blood type?’ during a survey I conducted in December 2010 in which two thousand (2000) people participated, over five hundred people replied no. This and other health related questions need to be known by you, and at least one other person you trust. A copy of your medical record should be kept handy in the event you become ill suddenly, not able to speak and needs to be rushed to the closest medical facility. Having your information readily available about any known illness you may have; last time you were treated; medications you are taking; drugs you are allergic to, etc., will speed up your treatment process, as it will help your doctors with diagnosing your present illness source and giving you the right treatment.

Terry Ann Black, a veteran registered nurse (RN) for over 40 years has opened the discussion about the inevitable - death and what you can do to help your loved ones even after you are gone. She has compiled some of the most essential questions you need answers to in her book “Caring is Not Enough, My Last Wishes and Personal Records.” This is a book that everyone should read! It is empowering and moving.

Terry Ann has worked with many people who have become ill and incapacitated and have seen firsthand the displacement family members face. She is passionate about helping people avoid this displacement, and is doing all she can to get the word out. She has created a blog to educate and to keep this taboo topic open for discussion. As she said, “Most importantly, I have tried to open up the discussion of death and dying with dignity for many people. Talking about your last wishes, writing them down, documenting personal information….opening up the paths of communication between family members and trusted advisors and friends. If this Blog can enrich the conversation, I will have succeeded.” You may visit her blog ‘caring is not enough’ here.

The thing is, you do not have to be wealthy to have possessions. If you have children, own animals, or anything that is important to you, you should make your wishes known in written form what you would like to be done in the event you are no longer around or able to function as you normally do. Knowledge is power and information leads to knowledge so get this easily downloadable book today or purchase the hard copy and pass the information on to everyone in your life that means a lot to you.

Of course many families care deeply about their loved ones, but sometimes caring can be less than enough.

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