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Minerals are essential nutrients that our bodies needs in small amounts to work properly. We need them in the form they are found in food.

Minerals can be found in varying amounts in a variety of foods such as meat, cereals (including cereal products such as bread), fish, milk and dairy foods, vegetables, fruit (especially dried fruit) and nuts.

Minerals are necessary for building strong bones and teeth, controlling body fluids inside and outside cells, and transforming the foods we eat into energy. These are all essential minerals:









Calcium is a silvery, moderately hard metallic element, constituting approximately three percent of the earth's crust; a basic component of bone, shells, and leaves. Good sources of the mineral calcium include milk, cheese and other dairy foods, green leafy vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage and okra), soya beans, tofu, soya drinks with added calcium, nuts, bread and anything made with fortified flour, and fish where you eat the bones, such as sardines.

Iron is an essential mineral. Good sources of iron include liver, meat, beans, nuts, dried fruit (such as dried apricots), whole grains (such as brown rice), fortified breakfast cereals, soybean flour and most dark green leafy vegetables (such as watercress and curly kale).

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is found in the muscles, soft tissues and body fluids. It works in conjunction with calcium and helps relax muscles. The richest sources of magnesium are green leafy vegetables (such as spinach) and nuts. Other sources include bread, fish, meat and dairy foods.

Phosphorous is a major mineral and most of it is stored in your bones. Lesser amounts are found in your teeth, DNA, and cell membranes throughout your body. Phosphorus is necessary for building strong bones and is important for many biochemical reactions such as converting the foods you eat into the energy your body needs every day. Phosphorus also helps with muscle contraction, nerve conduction and normal kidney function. Phosphorus is found in red meat, dairy foods, fish, poultry, bread, rice and oats.

Potassium is a mineral found in most types of food. It is necessary for normal growth and for making proteins from amino acids that come from your diet. Potassium is also needed for metabolizing carbohydrates. Good sources of potassium include fruits such as bananas, citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, fish, poultry, beef, dark leafy green vegetables and dairy products.

Sodium Chloride is commonly known as salt. Salt is found naturally at low levels in all foods, but high levels are added to many processed foods such as ready meals, meat products such as bacon, some breakfast cereals, cheese, some tinned vegetables, some bread and savory snacks.

Sulphur is a mineral found in all cells of the body and helps maintain healthy hair, skin, bones and tendons. Sulphur is an essential element in the production of amino acids, and helps convert carbohydrates into a useable form. It also plays an important role in the production of insulin, which keeps your blood sugar levels balanced. Sulphur is found in almost all foods but some of the best sources include eggs, beans, garlic, onions and pulses. Both red and white meat are also good sources of sulphur.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is naturally present in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement. Zinc is also found in many cold lozenges, over-the-counter drugs and sold as cold remedies. A good source of Zinc are oysters, crab, lobster, red meat, poultry, beans, nuts, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, and dairy products.

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