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Healthy Living Choices We Make

I almost got hit off my bike last evening while riding down a not so busy street. After a long and grueling winter, followed by many rainy spring days, I was very happy and excited to finally see a ‘perfect’ day. Like a lost puppy reuniting with its owner, I did not quite know how to behave. I got into my cycling gears and head off for a long ride without giving any thoughts that the streets does not belong to me solely. To make it short I am okay! I managed to swerve from the car and hit a pole, and as Brandy Norwood says, “almost doesn’t count.” Thank goodness! Cycling is one of my many healthy living choices. In addition to it being a fun activity for me, it helps to keep me fit and healthy. It boosts my metabolism level, builds stamina, and keeps my weight in check, amongst other things.

The fun things we do at times are not only helping our hearts stay healthy, they often help our bodies get and stay fit as well. I love playing tennis, and when I go to the court on Saturdays I have a lot of fun; doing physical fun stuff outdoors helps me to be more relaxed and focused, while toning and keeping my body in shape. Physical activities help the physical as well as the mental; it is a win, win situation. Whether you choose to get physical indoor or outdoor, the important thing is that you do. There are many types of exercises and choosing the ones you enjoy doing will help ensure you do them regularly. If you love swimming, then go swimming regularly. If you do not have a swimming pool of your own, you may check your local listings to see if there are recreational centers available to you. Your local authorities should also be able to give you a listing of available community centers in your area. In New York City, there are many parks and recreational centers. Some are much more equipped than others. You will definitely find me at one of these parks that are fully equipped with basketball courts, soccer/football courts, tennis courts, skating rink, swimming pools et cetera, as my son and I love the outdoors. The aim is to get your body moving which is a healthy living choice.

Making healthy choices can benefit us in so many ways, but we have to choose to make them. When we walk a few blocks or a mile to get our morning newspaper - instead of driving, we are actually making a healthy living choice. When we take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, we are making a healthy living choice. When we choose to take home only healthy products from the supermarket, we are making a healthy living choice. When we choose to forgive someone who does not even ask for forgiveness, we are making a healthy living choice. There are so many ways in which we can make healthy living choices and I am sure if you take a long, hard look at your lifestyle, you will find something that you can adjust and make a more healthy living choice.

Healthy living does not just happen, it is an ongoing process. The small decisions we make everyday is paving the road to better health. Make it your priority to live your best life - everyday.

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