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The Raw Food Transition Program
Smoothie recipes have long been a winner in the quest for long-term health. They are versatile and allow the ability to include any and all fruits and vegetables in our diets. We can have all the nutrients from the not so tasty veggies and fruits combined and transformed into a smoothie form and into our bodies without having to eat them separately. Children love smoothies, and it is a great way to include all the vegetables they decline to eat, in combination with various fruits. Your little ones will enjoy the taste of their smoothies, while getting all the nutrients their little bodies need. Smoothies are healthy and delicious and are great to have in all seasons, especially summer time. Get your recipes now!

Healthy Living Tips

Eat healthy meals

Get regular exercise

Drink lots of pure water

Get enough sleep

Meditate daily

Practice good hygiene

Get regular medical and dental checkup

Favorite Food Finds

Smoothie Recipes

Carob Recipes

Pies, Muffin, Sauces and Main Course

Filipino Beef Salpicao

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Snacks

Recommended Super Foods

These foods are absolute super foods to include in our daily diets. What makes them so super? Get full scoop>>

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