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10 Year Old Girl's Plea To Save Wild Life

Ta'Kaiya Blaney, a 10 year old girl from the British Columbia, is bent on doing whatever she can to stop the running of a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to the British Columbia north coast, from moving forward. This project would interfere with the ecologically friendly Great Bear Rainforest, and more than self, Ta'Kaiya is concerned about the wild life, who of course cannot speak for themselves.

Like the controversial trans-Canadian pipeline which entails running a pipeline from Canada's tar sands to Texas refineries, this new development would be a disaster to the wildlife and the environment in general.

Ta'Kaiya wrote a letter to Enbridge Northern Gateway - the company responsible for building the pipeline, and tried to deliver it in person. She was denied entry, and lamented a bit. Of course she is 10 years old and does not quite understand the bureaucracy that envelopes these corporations. However, being a quick thinking individual, Ta'Kaiya drafted a plan to turn her message into a song, which turned out to be very productive. She stood outside the building and song her song she named "Shallow Waters" as loudly as she could.

With the help of her family, Ta'Kaiya later uploaded her song to YouTube and it has been viewed over 70, 000 times. You can listen to her song here.

Because of Ta'Kaiya's determination to let her voice be heard, many people have and will become aware of the detriment we all will face if we sit back and do nothing.

You have done your part Ta'Kaiya; you have made this situation known to many who were clueless as to this development. I sincerely hope that your message will get to the right ears and they will think twice, and even thrice about moving forward with this project. We applaud your effort, Ta'Kaiya!

You can read more about her story here.

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