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Herman Cain Accuser Apologize To His Wife And Kids

Herman Cain Accuser Apologize To His Wife And Kids
Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ginger White, who is alleging that she had a 13 year affair with Herman Cain, has apologized to his wife - Gloria Cain and children on Thursday for having sex with him.

According to Ginger, they had a good relationship which included trips, money, and sex. Ginger white is the fifth woman to accuse the Republican presidential candidate of inappropriate conduct since he announced his presidential bid for the Whitehouse, and she has claimed the longest affair thus far.

Although Herman Cain is saying that his wife was not aware that he was giving gifts, trips, and talking a lot with Ginger White, Ginger White is saying she would be surprised if Mrs. Cain was not aware.

The presidential hopeful has called for a "reassessing" of his campaign and consultation with his wife, because of this new development. His presidential run will remain in limbo until he meets with his wife and they come to an agreement or understanding. Coming clean from the beginning is always the way to go Sir Herman Cain!

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