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Conrad Murray Is Sentenced

Conrad Murray Is Sentenced For The Death Of Michael Jackson
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

After a set of long and grueling court sessions lasting seven weeks, Conrad Murray is finally meeting his fate. The doctor who had been inducing pop star Michael Jackson with a number of drugs that were only to be used in hospital settings, has been convicted and sentenced to a period of four years in prison.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray due to an overdose of the drug - propofol. Although it is alleged that other doctors were involved in inducing the pop star with several drugs, Dr. Conrad Murray was the doctor on duty that day Michael Jackson died.

Judge Michael Pastor handed down the sentence for involuntary manslaughter to the cardiologist on Wednesday, with an expressed shock at the lack of remorse on the part of Conrad Murray, and his outrage for blaming the victim - Michael Jackson for his own death.

Dr. Murray will be spending his four year term in the Los Angeles County Jail instead of the state prison due to over-crowding. This may be a huge plus for him as he will most likely not spend the entire four years of his sentence.

Although the Jackson family have expressed that they do not want revenge, they were seeking restitution of $100 million for the Jackson Estate. However, it is highly unlikely that Dr. Murray will be able to pay that money now, or anytime in the foreseeable future.

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